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Beatty Law, PLLC
Beatty Law, PLLC
675 Third Avenue, 25th Floor, New York, NY 10017 United States

John P. Beatty is repeatedly recognized as one of the top injury attorneys in New York State.

John has litigated or tried to verdict some of New York’s top injury verdicts and settlements, including achieving;

2020 8th Largest Premises Liability Settlement in the United States

2020 33rd Largest Personal Injury Settlement in the United States

2021 One of New York’s Largest Motor Vehicle Crash Settlements

2020 New York State’s Largest Reported Premises Liability Settlement

2020 New York’s Largest Burn Injury Settlement

2017 New York’s Largest Premises Liability Verdict*

2016 One of New York’s Largest Premises Liability Verdicts**

John is a renowned injury attorney. Well respected for his trial advocacy skills, John’s efforts have helped achieve many verdicts and settlements worth millions and tens of millions of dollars for injured and grieving families*.  At trial, John has won multiple seven-figure verdicts and settlements for clients with prior injuries. John’s successes have been published in the New York Law Journal, the New York Verdict Reporter, and New York’s Top Verdicts, among other recognitions.

Beatty Law is a modern, vibrant, progressive firm with its best years ahead of it. We are a smart, accomplished team. We work hard for the victims and families we represent.

Begun in earnest in 2020 by a former partner of a very successful plaintiff’s firm, John proudly represents injured clients from every walk of life, race, creed, ethnicity, religion, gender and identity. Beatty Law, PLLC works to achieve financial justice for clients as quickly as possible.

My Standout Guarantees to Clients

I will only represent a very small, select group of seriously and catastrophically injured people, so as to dedicate myself more fully to each client I represent. Your case will never become a dusty file in an office where there are hundreds of other clients. Ever.

You will never wait days to get a callback or email response. Never.

You will never call me complaining that you have not been able to reach me. Never.

I will never handle dozens of cases at one time because what attorney can do that and still do a great job for you and your family?

You deal directly with me. Always.

You will not get handed off to another lawyer. I handle your case. Always.

I take your phone calls. Not a staffer, not an associate. Me. Always. I trust and respect my staff, but it is me that you want to talk with. And you will. Guaranteed.

I value you as a Client. Not as a number.

I am kind. Understanding. Compassionate. I know that I work for you, not the other way around. And I treat you that way.

I answer your questions. Quickly. Accurately. Honestly.

I will ready your case for trial or settlement as quickly as I can. 

We will speak regularly about your case and I will update you about the steps I take to move your case to a successful resolution as quickly as I can.

I fight aggressively for you. Always.

I work hard to get you results. Always.

John is proud to be Of Counsel and Trial Counsel to the prominent New York Trial Firms, Nguyen Leftt, P.C. and Pawar Law Group

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