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Wessel Law Offices
11921 Freedom Drive, Suite 550, Reston, VA 20190 United States

Wessel Law Offices is a specialty law firm exclusively representing victims of serious personal injury and wrongful death. By design, the firm handles no other legal matters and only a limited number of clients.

Clients of Wessel Law Offices receive the full personal attention of the founder of the firm, Reston injury lawyer Douglas B. Wessel, Esquire, a trial attorney who has practiced personal injury law in the federal and state courtrooms of Virginia for thirty (30) years. Clients communicate directly with Mr. Wessel, and their cases are handled entirely by Mr. Wessel rather than by partially-involved lawyers, junior attorneys, paralegals or legal secretaries. Mr. Wessel's "boss" is the client rather than a firm's law partners or board of directors.

Potential clients who contact Wessel Law Offices should know that, while Wessel Law Offices accepts only serious cases with merit: 1) you should speak with Mr. Wessel before deciding that your case is not sufficiently "serious;" 2) Mr. Wessel expects and embraces challenging cases; 3) once the case is accepted, he can and will fight for his client to the finish -- both in spite of and because of powerful opposing interests; and 4) whether the fight ends in settlement, in the courtroom by jury verdict, or by decision of the seven Justices of the Virginia Supreme Court, the fight is fought by Mr. Wessel for the client, not by the client.

Mr. Wessel's track record in the courtroom as a Reston injury attorney ranks at the top of Virginia personal injury trial lawyers:

$6.0 million verdict (co-counsel, 1984; at the time believed to be the highest personal injury verdict in Virginia history)

$3.3 million verdict (2nd highest personal injury verdict in Virginia, 2007).

$1.8 million verdict (6th highest personal injury verdict in Virginia, 2005).

$1.5 million verdict (2nd highest personal injury verdict in Virginia, 2001). 1

If you need Mr. Wessel's help, he wants to hear from you, and he looks forward to fighting for you.

1 According to Virginia Lawyers Weekly, the newspaper of Virginia lawyers, during 2001-2007.


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