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Attorneys for the family of a Fort Lauderdale, FL woman announced they’re suing Lime for negligence following a scooter accident that left the woman in a vegetative state. Ashanti Jordan, 28, was not wearing a helmet when she collided with a vehicle while riding a Lime scooter in December, and she sustained multiple injuries, including severe brain trauma.

Attorney Todd R. Falzone said Jordan was operating in the manner she was directed by Lime and “unfortunately, Lime had told her to break the law, and she listened.” Lime’s app includes language telling scooter users to avoid the sidewalk and instead operate in the street, which is illegal in Florida, Falzone said. He said the suit is intended to advise people of the danger that accompanies the scooters because “Lime is operating their business in clear violation of the law.”

Source: Lime sued for negligence after scooter rider suffers severe brain injury | Smart Cities Dive